You were the good girl who did everything right.

You have the impressive degrees, the good job, the gorgeous home, the perfect partner, amazing kids... a life that you should love. 

So why aren't you happy?

  • You've thought about making big changes in your life

    But going back to school, finding a new career, moving somewhere new - all of that is inconvenient, not to mention expensive, with no guarantee that anything will change. Same BS in a fun new color. No, thank you.

  • You've thought about cleaning house and starting over

    But you have so much guilt about all the time, money, and sacrifice it took to get to this point, you couldn't possibly face all the people who were so proud of you and tell them you are throwing it all away.

  • You've thought about packing a bag and running away

    But you can't bear the thought of leaving your loved ones behind (or maybe you could). Besides, where would you go? What would you do when you got there? Too many decisions, already overwhelming, nevermind - you'll just stay put.

The reality is this 👇🏾

What you're really craving is ✨PLEASURE✨ - the personal satisfaction, joy, ease, comfort, and peace that you thought you would come with all the accomplishments and success.

Without guilt, without shame, and without needing a bunch of time, money, and energy you don't have.

Here's a question for you 🤔

What if you stopped focusing on who you SHOULD be and what you SHOULD do and stepped into being, doing, and having all those things that bring you joy, light you up, and just feel right?

Sound too good to be true? You're about to learn exactly how this works.

Here's the real deal about pleasure...

  • The popular advice about self-care and pleasure is just not realistic for people who have actual lives and responsibilities - and it doesn't solve the problem when it doesn't make you feel any better.

  • Trying to figure out how to be, do, and have more of what you want while still having to maintain your current obligations is overwhelming.

  • You want more. You want better. And you want it to be as easy as possible

    ...this is where Pleasure Magic comes in!

The Pleasure Magic Formula

  • STEP #1

    Get clear and honest about what you desire in every area of your life.

  • STEP #2

    Create a plan and path towards pleasure that feels easy and satisfying.

  • STEP #3

    Overcome the guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, lack of motivation, and other barriers that are blocking your bliss.

With Pleasure Magic, you can spend LESS time unhappy, unfulfilled, and wondering where you went wrong and MORE time living your desires and practicing your pleasure.

Introducing...the Pleasure Magic workshop!

Tap into the power of pleasure to create a life you love.

Here's everything that's included:

  • Part One - Living Your Desires
  • Part Two - Pleasure Practice
  • Q+A Session
  • BONUS #1: Pleasure Planner Play Sheet
  • BONUS #2: Digital Vision Board/Pleasure Pages Tutorial
  • BONUS #3: 1-on-1 Pleasure Planning Session

All this for less than the price of a bottomless brunch! 🍹

Here's exactly what we're covering in the Pleasure Magic workshop:

Living Your Desires

Part One - 30 minutes

  • A simple way to figure out exactly what it is that you desire in every area of your life

  • What actions to take to have what you want without force, strain, or overwhelm

  • How to recognize your desires when they show up to avoid self-sabotage

Pleasure Practice

Part Two - 30 minutes

  • How prioritizing and pursuing pleasure relates to your self-care habits

  • How to stay consistent and inspired in your pleasure practice when life gets hard

  • The harmful behaviors and mindsets you may think enhance your pleasure but are actually blocking your bliss

Everything you need to figure out what you want and take inspired action towards your desires with ease, joy, and bliss - all with Pleasure Magic.

But wait, there's more!

If you're a visual person and need to see things laid out in front of you, or you think best when you can talk through things, here are some tools to help you explore and practice your pleasure.

  • Pleasure Planner Play Sheet

    Use this to keep track of your desires and the delicious, exciting actions you can explore to get more of what you want.

  • Digital Vision Board and Pleasure Pages Tutorial

    Follow this simple, step-by-step process to create visual reminders of your desires to guarantee that they stay top of mind.

Black Girl Bliss

is the host of this workshop.

Black Girl Bliss (BGB) is an educational platform created in 2015, celebrating and cultivating the practice of radical self-care amongst Black women and femmes. Our books, workshops, and courses teach Black women and femmes to harness the feminine power of pleasure that gives us the energy and ability to be, do, and have all that we desire and deserve. You can learn more about us at

Black Girl Bliss has been featured in and celebrated by...

Hay House

When you walk away from Pleasure Magic, you'll know exactly how to...

  • Get to the root of your desires and figure out exactly what you want for yourself and your life

  • Take inspired actions that lead you towards your true desires with ease

  • Recognize those things you said you wanted when they show up so you don't ignore them or sabotage them

  • Stay inspired and focused even when life is doing the most

Still have questions?

We've got answers!

  • Is this really about magic or witchcraft?

    We believe in the magic of divine alignment of your beliefs and behaviors with your highest good to create your best life and become your best self. This is transformational work for many reasons - so, in a sense, yes. We speak over ourselves, we engage in rituals, we use our creative energy to manifest what we desire. This is alchemy. This is our magic!

  • Will we need to purchase anything for this workshop?

    Nope, you won't need anything that you don't probably already have (a notebook, a pen, a device to watch the workshop...that's about it.)

  • How much time until I start to see results?

    That is completely dependent on you, your desires, and the efforts you put towards your pleasure practice. It can be as quick as you'd like it to be...but we recommend the slow and steady approach. It's much more fun that way. Less pressure, more pleasure.

  • I don't know what brings me pleasure. I don't know what I enjoy or what I want in life. What do I do?

    No worries. During the workshop, you'll come up with ideas that make sense for you and your life. There is no pressure to "get it right" on the first try, and you can always change your mind and explore in a new direction.

  • Is this just about pleasure through physical intimacy?

    Nope. Though we believe physical intimacy and sensuality (grown folks activities!) can be a gateway or entry point to pleasure, this is only ONE of many ways to engage and explore your personal satisfaction and joy.

  • Are you showing us how to manifest?

    Yes and no. Do we teach you that all you have to do is be positive and think good thoughts and you'll attract everything you want? No. Do we teach you how to create a life for yourself that feels the way you want it to feel and cultivate the energy that allows you to be, do, and have all that you desire? Yes.

  • I'm a single mom. My money is funny. I'm always busy. I'm always exhausted. Will this work for me?

    Yes. Nothing that we teach require you to spend any money if you don't want to. Everything that we teach will enhance your energy and your power to be, do, and have all that you desire and deserve.

  • I'm not a Black woman or femme but I'm interested - can I join?

    No. If you identify as anything other than Black and non-male, this is not the workshop for you. Should anyone try to “sneak in” to the workshop, they will be removed, blocked, and will not be refunded. Please don’t make this weird for everyone. This is a safe space that we fiercely protect since we have precious few of them.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Due to the nature of digital products and the immediacy of their delivery and availability, we do not offer refunds on our workshops. When you purchase, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms.

This workshop is about creating more satisfaction and joy in your life.

We want to share how we've helped so many Black women and femmes create the pleasure they desire.

  • Confidence to put an end to all the things in your life that are no longer working

  • Freedom to pursue the things you have always wanted but were too afraid to allow yourself to have

  • Time and energy to dream about your desires and create a realistic, effective plan to make them a reality

    ...and we want all of this and more for you, too.